We’d like to extend a huge thank you to Adam “Chickybock” Questell class of  1997 for designing the new Charles F. “Doc” Hall Foundation logo. Below is an explanation of the design in Adam’s own words.

When asked to create a new logo for The Doc Hall Foundation, I wanted to make sure it told a story and reflected the tradition of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Lacrosse Team.

The first task was to simplify the overall shape of the logo to give it more weight and make it bolder speaking to the strength of the organization. The logo should take on the idea of a “shield” that protects the integrity of the organization and its namesake. I first chose round as it is a unifying shape but also hints at the lacrosse ball; something we all share in common over the years. The logo carries a border that adds weight but also allows the logo to stand off any color shirt or background.

The design has a stick head as opposed to the complete stick which tends to make logo designs wispy…not what I think of when I think of a foundation. The stick was intended to provide a design shape/element rather than a literal interpretation. The traditional Iroquois stick was chosen to invoke a feeling of legacy giving age and history to the first concept.

A serif font was chosen to give Doc’s name a historic and authoritative feel in both designs. More weight was added to Doc’s name in his honor while “the” and “foundation” take a slight back seat graphically.

There is a nod to the original 37 members of the lacrosse team in with the 37 dots.